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My Top 5 Packing Tips

April 1, 2016
I’ve been taking every opportunity to travel that I can in the past few years. Nothing brings me as much joy, teaches me more or gets me excited about life as travelling does, but of course with all the fun adventures comes a whole set of potential stressors and setbacks too. While some can’t be avoided (flights delayed, bad weather grounding you, etc), one thing that’s totally in your control and that is well worth learning is how to pack like a boss. For the most part, I now exclusively travel with just a carry-on (you need to check out my 3 week Europe packing list if you haven’t yet!) and these 5 packing tips in my new video after the break are so key to being able to do this!
Photo + video by Alicia Fashionista
The video above breaks it all down but to summarize, here’s how to pack like a pro:
1. Roll. Everything. Seriously, the most important space-saver and also
the surest way of minimizing wrinkles!
2. Place your handbags on top to push everything down and to keep your bags flat.
3. Fill your hats with something reasonably firm (I place my non-liquid beauty products
usually and maybe some socks if it doesn’t fill it up enough), place them flat at the bottom
of your suitcase and place heavier items around it to secure them. If I have more than one
hat, I just stack them!
4. Fill your shoes with socks until they’re completely full. Place your heavy shoes at the bottom
of your suitcase. You can take sneakers or sandals (really anything that collapses down
or that is flat already) and line the sides of your suitcase with them so that they take up
as little room as possible.
5. I always keep all of my sunglasses/glasses cases because they’re so handy for travelling,
especially if they’re oversized like this one! I’ll wrap my glasses in a cloth to ensure they don’t get cracked and add in all my little baubles.
And that’s it! I’m so excited to be seriously revamping my YouTube channel so if you’re so inclined, give it a follow here! I can’t wait to share a ton of new content with you guys, from beauty to hair to style to more travel to fitness!
Also just a note (and an apology!) for being a bit inconsistent/quiet on the blog these days – I’m in the middle of launching a new site + rebrand which is so exciting but aside from being time-consuming, I also have to post minimally until it rolls over as content can get lost in the transfer! All stuff that’s way over my head but needless to say, I’m super anxious to share content with you guys and can’t wait till everything is set up and I can take you through the new To Vogue or Bust! Stay tuned!
And fiiiinally, I’m off to the Sunshine Coast for the Easter long weekend! I’ll be sharing it all on Insta and Snapchat (@tovogueorbust) so follow along there. Happy long weekend my loves!
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