Nighttime Rituals

January 19, 2016
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If you guys checked out yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I’m currently in major recovery mode after spraining my back last Friday—not the most fun thing I’ve ever experienced, but it’s definitely giving me an opportunity to focus on my essentials (good nutrition, rest, relaxing, etc) that sometimes get benched when I’m super busy. One of the things I do try to always commit to each night (in recovery or not) is a really solid routine for both morning and night, but doing both have never been as important as right now when I really need the rest. You may have already seen my morning routine, but today’s post is all about what I do to get down to bed peacefully—click through to read it all!

Turn off the electronics
I know…this one’s hard. But it’s so crucial. Even if you don’t do it the suggested hour beforehand, just make sure you clear out a bit of time so you’re not going straight from the TV or computer to bed. I’m not going to lie and say I do it every night but typically, I try to give myself at least half an hour. I’ll send my goodnights to my international crew on Whatsapp, do a last Insta scroll and email check, then plug in my phone. I turn off the TV, dim the lights and shut down the laptop.
Washroom to-do’s
If I have a bit more time, I really try to do a relaxing and detoxing salt bath using my Saje Lavender Bath Salt Soak. Otherwise, I slip on my PJ’s, wash my face and do my skin care routine (prescribed by my facialist Amanda at Glow Dermal Therapy), brush my teeth and put my hair in a braid (especially important if I’m doing second-day curls or waves the next day!).
Write out tomorrow’s to-do list
I used to always do it in the morning, but after reading about how my major girl crush Marie Forleo does hers the night before to have a firm grasp on her to-do’s, I decided to try the same in my Design Love Co planner and see how it worked. I was a bit concerned that doing so would actually make me more stressed about the next day, but if anything, it made me feel way more empowered and when I woke up the next day, I knew exactly what to do as soon as I got through my morning routine.
Bedtime scents
I either put a touch of lavender oil on my pillowcase or spritz some of this new Saje Unwind Anti-Stress Mist (that I LOVE) and get settled into bed. I usually try to just quickly relax my body (especially now, when my back’s all spasmed and tensed up) and enjoy the scent. It sounds corny but just quickly focusing on my scents (sense, touch, etc) helps really relax me and clear my mind.
Unwind with a chapter
I’m really all about reading binges when I get the time off or am at the cabin, but otherwise, I try to just work through a book chapter by chapter before bed. It makes such a difference—whenever I just pass out, I always feel like I sleep a bit worse when don’t let my mind engage in a story and unwind a bit.
Slip on my mask and go to sleep!
I put on my heated Saje eye mask and then it’s shut eye!
I honestly used to really struggle with getting down to sleep and it would sometimes take me hours to finally pass out (or I’d just stay up late watching TV or doing work). Having a routine that I look forward to each night has now made me excited to cuddle up in bed each night and I’ve been sleeping WAY better. Let me know if you guys have any routines or tips in the comments below!

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