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The Complete Maui Guide

January 30, 2019
Maui travel guide

I’m a big believer that everyone should have a couple happy places that are like second homes to them – it doesn’t have to be far-flung or exotic (one of mine is the Sunshine Coast, really not that far from Vancouver at all!) but it’s important to have a place where the moment you step out there, you feel the tension melt from your shoulders, the pace of life slows and you feel, in one word, happy. Other than the…

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8 Winter Health Hacks

January 24, 2019

I used to think of winter as a season to just get through – being in Vancouver, SAD is a very real thing and I always found this time of year to be a really hard one for me. Being a dyed-in-the-wool summer baby, I’d literally just be counting down the days until daylight stretched longer and the temps warmed up. A couple years ago though, I made a concerted effort to try to really embrace winter more and everything…

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Beauty + Hair Life Style

5 Eco-Friendly Brands I Love

January 23, 2019

As you guys know, I’m a pretty outdoorsy girl. Whether it’s the gorgeous mountains of Vancouver or the lakes in Jasper, I’ve always been drawn to nature. I have a special love in particular for the ocean, where I’ve spent my whole life playing and exploring. There’s always been a need to support ocean conservation (something I focus on supporting a lot in my own life but should really bring to light more here on TVOB in case you guys…


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Canada Jasper Travel

A Weekend in Jasper, Alberta

January 22, 2019
Jasper travel guide

I’m fresh off a weekend in beautiful Jasper, which can only be described as a winter wonderland. For my non-Canadians, Jasper is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Alberta, Canada – part of the Rocky Mountain chain, it houses some of the most gorgeous lakes, rivers and mountain ranges in the whole world (and definitely in the country). I visited a couple years ago during the fall for the Dark Sky Festival with Tourism Jasper (Jasper is also a designated…

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[VIDEO] A Week In My Life

January 16, 2019

Fresh off the plane from Maui and in a two day crunch before I take off to Jasper, today’s Week in the Life vlog seems very on-point for me at the moment because it was filmed during a travel sandwich period earlier this year as well, when I was fresh off the plane from Portugal and off to Mexico. This has been one of my most-requested topics to cover and I wanted to do it justice by sharing what really…

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How to Create a Vision Board

January 7, 2019
How to create a vision board

This last week, my sisters and I took advantage of the fact that we were all in the same place for once (my older sister’s been living in Europe for awhile so we’re not often all together!) and since my older sister Natasha is a bit of a vision board guru, I asked her to help me piece one together just for fun. What I didn’t expect was how much it’d help direct me as far as planning out all…

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