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2 Must-Do Trips From Vancouver

February 7, 2020
Victoria Canada

I’ve spent the last 6 years or so basically non-stop travelling, and while I don’t see any real end to that (because let’s face it, I would be miserable—pregnant/with child or not, I want to still see as much of the world and explore it all as much as possible!), I wanted to slow down a little bit at least at the onset of this year to see more of the incredible natural beauty that we have at home here…

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How I Edit My Instagram Stories

January 23, 2020
How to afford travel

I get asked at least once a day how I edit my IG Stories – what filters I use, how I get those frames on them, how I create my highlight cover graphics, etc. I wanted to create a resource so that you guys can easily replicate and start getting as creative as you’d like with your own Instagram stories so here is my official guide breaking down step-by-step how I edit and generally beautify my stories! I have a…

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Style Wellness

My 2020 Fitness Goals + Lululemon Haul

January 22, 2020

While I’m not a believer in the typical “lose 10 pounds” New Year’s resolution, I always, always have fitness/wellness goals, both at the onset of the year and throughout the year. I mostly weight train these days (about 3-4x/week) and have slowly but surely come back to jogging more regularly after having some serious back injuries a few years ago that kept me from pounding the pavement for awhile. I also love squeezing in a spin or boxing class with…

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A Yoga Retreat at Nectar Yoga B&B

January 20, 2020
Yoga Retreat

A couple weeks ago I took off to Nectar Yoga with my lovely pal Alicia of Alicia Fashionista for a 2-night yoga retreat—I got to experience the magic of Nectar at their former location about 4 years ago so was so excited for it, especially knowing they’d moved to a much larger and spacious plot of land on Bowen Island (just a 15 minute ferry ride away from the mainland going from Horseshoe Bay). What I didn’t expect was how…

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My 10 Favourite Purchases of 2019

January 17, 2020
Herschel Carry On Suitcase

One thing that we’re trying to focus on this year is really cutting back. We’re just about ready to start trying for a wee one but as Matt likes to constantly remind me in an anxious state, we’ve got a lot to do to prep financially (though I, for one, am not too concerned [et voila the balance in our personality types], plus I have some really amazing financial goals and strategies in place already that I outlined in this…

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Beauty + Hair

My Winter Hair-Saving Hack

January 16, 2020
Capilano Suspension Bridge

We’re unexpectedly getting hit with some serious snow here in Vancouver which is definitely not normal for the West Coast! From bus lines shutting down to schools getting cancelled, it’s like the whole city is shutting down. I, for one, am kinda loving it – we went for a big snow walk yesterday all bundled up and watched all the kids tobogganing on our hill near the Sea Wall then came home to have a big fire and relax. Not…

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