A Day in the Life of a Free Woman

July 21, 2011
Never underestimate how spirit-crushing it can be to work in a place that, among its other various bizarre rules and regulations, won’t let you paint your nails red (or any colour for that matter). It sounds like a pretty vain trifle upon first encounter, but seriously, think about what it’d be like to have such extreme limitations placed upon your appearance that, among other things, you can only wear “shades of beige” for just under a year.  I, for one, found it disgusting.  It’s not my style to trash-talk (well actually, it entirely is, but I’m in a “take the moral high ground” mode today and have already subversively trash-talked enough), so let’s just say that it is with a huge sense of relief and joy that I wrapped up my last day at this job yesterday and I am so ready to leave it behind, fading as a distant memory in the dust of my past.
With school creeping just around the corner (September 6th!!!!) and the fifty-plus hours of class and studying per week that will accompany it, I’ve decided that I’m going to take the rest of the summer to just study for my university correspondence course that will also be done very soon (August 15th!!!!), work part-time in a new position that I’m really excited about, train for my first triathlon, and relax. So here’s a little taste of what my new life looks like…a day in the life of a freshly-released woman, as it is:
7:30: Wake up to my beautiful doggy Bailey lying by my bed and take him outside. A bowl of oatmeal with raspberries and blueberries, a cup of tea, and it’s down to studying.
8:30-3:30: Finish Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, a book I’m reading for my course but actually really enjoyed. Read some relative fluff (but good fluff) to offset the somewhat upsetting and disturbing material in the Smith’s: Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic and the first chapter of my very read and abused copy of Hotel Pastis, by Peter Mayle (can you tell I’m dying to go back to France?).
 3:30: The moment of true symbolic freedom: painting my nails bright, fire-engine red. OPI’s “Big Apple Red” is the perfect shade to commemorate this moment. Catch up on my favourite blogs while I let the polish dry.
 4:00: Had a moment when “Monster” by Kanye came on while my iPod was set to shuffle…I’m actually a really good rapper, no one believes me. You should hear me do the Niki Minaj part.
4:30: Run with my boyfriend and then we duked it out in a really, really intense and bloody game of….BADMINTON!!!  When you spike the birdie over the net like I do, it can be a pretty aggressive game.

6:30: Pizzaaaa time!  Five slices…thank God I work out.

Mmm yeah so that pretty much brings me to now. In retrospect, I guess I really haven’t done all that much with my day, but I think that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? I plan to take full advantage of this rare little pocket of time, this month and a week in which I can actually allow myself to relax a bit. Yes, I still have lots of studying to do, but with work cut down on I can start posting again with a vengeance!  
Okay, I think after a bit more hard-core Kaaaaan rapping I’m off to go see “Horrible Bosses”.  It looks really funny, but the main reason I’m going is because I’m seriously in love with Jason Bateman…he’s part of my weird crush-posse, which also includes Jason Segel, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Julian Casablancas, Dave Grohl…basically just comedians and musicians.  No “hot” guys like Ryan Reynolds for me, yuuuuck.  Anyone else attracted to the celebrities “off the beaten path”?
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  • Reply gillybeancandyjar July 21, 2011 at 3:44 am

    nail polish freedom is what a lot of girls in my nursing class celebrated when the term was over haha. Your day sounds so divine. I'd choose Jason Sedeikas (in that movie) over Jason Bateman 😛

  • Reply Petite Adventures July 21, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Sounds like an amazing day! Enjoy the rest of your summer – sounds like you more than deserve it 🙂

  • Reply Megan July 21, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Congrats! I had a "hell" job last summer that made me completely miserable, and it felt like such freedom to have my last day and leave knowing I'd never have to go back to that place again. The good thing is that it teaches you a lot about what to look for in the future when you're trying to get a new job-I know when I had my interview, there were a lot of red flags that I ignored because of my eagerness, but now I know better!

  • Reply Cee July 21, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Although you were always my favourite sales girl, I'm so glad you're free of that terrible, terrible job 🙂 Your first day of freedom pretty much sounds like bliss to me, but that's mainly because I've been firmly in career girl mode for three years now and the idea of an impromptu summer vacation is a distant impossibility for me. That said, training for a triathlon is not a vacation. May I ask why…? (Is it insanity? I think it might be. But I love you anyway.)

    I am writing you a novel, but I'm going to continue, anyway. White Teeth is on my list of top ten favourite books. Have you read the part about, "Where in the bible does it say that thou shall take frozen fish fingers from thy parents' freezer and give them to old crones?" It kills me. But the two books she wrote after are order of magnitude worse, don't bother with them. Such disappointment.

    And finally, my weird crush list includes (but is hardly limited to) James Marsden, Luke Wilson and best- or worst- of all, depending on how you look at it, Robert Downey, Jr. 🙂

  • Reply Marcella July 21, 2011 at 5:16 am

    Thank you for sharing this little snippet of your life, always love learning insights in the girls behind the blogs!

    Hope the movie is good too, I've been contemplating seeing it!

  • Reply Anna Walker July 21, 2011 at 5:56 am

    AWESOME! I love this little piece of your life! It looks so awesome! So sorry about your old work, but now you have fabulous adventures ahead of you with colored nail polishes and lots of fun [and hard work studying!] 😀

  • Reply Marie a la Mode July 21, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    I have a crush on Jason Segel and Jimmy Fallon as well! And (I can't believe I'm admitting this) I used to be attracted to Billy Bob Thornton in his Angelina days! My boyfriend can't believe I admit that to people lol.

    Where did you work that you couldn't wear nail polish?? That's nuts! Glad you don't have to worry about that anymore.

  • Reply Melina July 21, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    love the cute dog and your polish 😀

  • Reply Louise (Fifth Sparrow) August 5, 2011 at 5:14 am

    I LOVE when I meet other girls who share the same Jason Bateman crush as me! I've been totally in love with him since the first episode of Arrested Developement I saw… and come to think of it most of my crushes are weird as well, John Krasinski, Steve Carrell, Alec Baldwin… hmm seems I havea thing for comedians.

    Your day sounds perfect, love the red nails! Such a sweet freedom! I just quit my 9-5 office job as well, no more constricting dress codes for this girl either! xx

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