Northern Ireland Travel

Your Travel Guide to Northern Ireland

June 24, 2016
Travel guide Northern Ireland

Happy Friday! Do you guys ever find yourself sinking into sleep only to be suddenly jolted awake by a revelation or the sudden remembrance of something you totally forgot to do? That pretty much happened to me a few nights ago when I was dozing off dreaming about my next destination and realized…I never shared Northern Ireland with you! I did an epic guide for Glitter Guide so by the time I got it to them and it went live, I…

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June 23, 2016
Sunkissed brunette

I was so excited to finally experience the magic that is Chris Weber – I’ve been such a fan on Instagram for so long and he’s so lovely in person (in fact, Matt and I bought his couch so we’re even his furniture surrogates!). So when I finally got to step into Artel Salon and let him do his thing, I told him to do exactly that – whatever he wanted! It may have been the first time I had…

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Your Summer Style Hack

June 22, 2016
How to wear the off-the-shoulder trend

Summer, summer, summertime!!! We’re officially into the season now and I couldn’t be happier about it. While Vancouver’s not fully getting the seasonal change memo (seriously, grey clouds for the past few days!) we have been enjoying some of the most beautiful sunshine otherwise. I like to keep things super simple in the summer – if I’m going to shed clothes to deal with the heat, I’d rather have a look that’s direct and chic rather than busy (that, to…

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The Dailey Series: Your Killer Core Workout

June 21, 2016
Barre core workout

My The Dailey Method obsession has only intensified since my last Dailey series workout (and if you missed it, check out how to get toned arms here!). From their killer barre classes to my new love of ELDOA and Melt (more on both of those soon, so so so good for your back!) as I’ve recovered from my back injury I’ve upped my Dailey visits to 3-4 times a week. I not only am getting in killer workouts (seriously, you’ve…

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Father’s Day Made Easy

June 17, 2016

If you’ve been following me along on Snapchat (tovogueorbust) for any length of time, then you already probably know how close my family is. It’s really a testament to my parents that the four of us kids now have this built-in group of best friends, not to mention we rope M + D into all of our antics too. Naturally, when it comes time to celebrate them, we want to do it properly to thank them for everything they’ve done…

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Canada Style Travel

Across the Water

June 15, 2016
View from Lonsdale Quay

I decided to take some time after my last London and Ireland trip to focus on getting better with my back injury here at home. As much as it’s the one thing I love most, travel isn’t exactly the best for recovery between lugging around heavy luggage to sitting for hours on end! While I’m so excited to finally be better enough to start planning my next adventure, sticking around close to home was actually really unexpectedly amazing. I love…

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